Club History

Band Club Rangers History

St Marys Band Club U14s approx 1965
Adrian Blankestein (born may 1951) is in the back row 2nd from the left

Founding Members

Ted Thomas (Founding Chairman)
Stan Harris (Vice Chairman)
Dot Fuller (Secretary)
Beryl Thomas (Treasurer)

Life Members

Lorraine Sutherland
Sam Lenchan
Dave Underwood
John Oatley
Darcy Hope
Ray Gittoes
Don Shield
Keith Williams
Helen Williams
Dave Greaves
Bill Bereens
Mary Bereens
Les Graham
Tony Hackett
Brian Hunter
Ken Dewhurst
Bob Sciacca
Max Reading
Caron Marchant
Kay Cornelio
Craig Williams
Michael Muscat
Julie Zanin
Michael Hopkinson

John Moon


In 1960 two members of the St Marys District Band Club, Stan Harris & Don Tinnion decided to get together a soccer team. They asked members of the St Marys District Band Club if they had sons who were interested in forming a team to play the game of soccer as it was known in those days.
They found enough boys interested, the oldest being 13 years of age, so one team was entered into the under 14 division with the Granville Federation. These boys’ names were Boris Stchening, David & Ken Glover, Doug & John Lambeth, Jim Armil, Kevin Blacker, Robert & Jeff Knight, Andy Murray & ST Javonovic.
Maybe someone out there might know of these foundation players.
Every week this team would have to travel to the Granville, Auburn District the closest game they played was against a Blacktown Club. At this stage there was no Nepean District Association.
Penrith Council granted permission to this newly formed team/club to use Victoria Park (across the road from the St Marys District Band Club). as their home ground. There were no goal posts at the park so Mr. Murray Fuller would transport the goal posts on a borrowed truck to Victoria Park. These posts would then have to be erected and dismantled before and after every home game the posts would then have to be stored until the next home game.
Even though this team of young boys did not win a game all season they put their heart and soul into every game they played.
The shirts were 2 tone blue and all one size so that the shirts would fit anyone and everyone, on some of the small boys the shirts came down past their knees. At the end of the 1960 season Stan and Don attended the Federation meeting held at Granville and a vote was take that a new association was to be formed if enough Clubs were interested.
A Mr. Pat Henry from the Penrith District was in attendance at that meeting .The vote was taken and won by a majority of one vote it was then decided to start a Nepean Association. So on the 9 of November 1961 Nepean District Soccer Football Association was formed.
The St Marys Band Club’s first Soccer ball was purchased from the St Marys District Band Club’s funds by the then Club’s President Mr. Brian King.
The St Marys District Band Club Soccer did not have any committee for the first 2 years; Stan Harris acted as the secretary and was doing all the arranging of games and the general administration to keep the team going.
In 1961 we had enough boys to make 2 teams by 1962 there was more people interested in soccer so Penrith City Council allowed the St Marys District Band Club Soccer to erect fixed goal posts in Victoria Park.
Victoria Park was used for a few more seasons. Penrith City Council then moved us to Halls Paddock on Caddens Road Orchard Hills. This field was so dead, hard and dry it had to be hosed for days ( even up to the day before a match) to make it playable by the weekend, there were no facilities such as toilets and canteen and the soccer club was responsible for removing all the sewerage themselves.
St Marys Band Club Soccer were then allocated a field at Water St Werrington with a lot of help and support from Edie and Danny Buellen where we stayed until 1977 We were once again moved this time to our current fields at Roper Rd Colyton.

Here we at least had an old house of 2 rooms which was used as the canteen and storage for our nets etc but once again we had no sewerage supply to the fields and the old outside take away toilets had to be used.
The Community 1 S Credit Union (then known as Sydney Water Credit Union) Donated the first lot of lighting to our training fields.
Maybe it was a God send that vandals burnt down the old house which then encouraged Penrith City Council to erected our current building.
The first committee for the St Marys Band Club Soccer comprised of
Stan Harris 1 960-1 96 1 secretary
1 962 the first elected committee:
Ted Thomas President
Stan Harris was Vice Chairman
Dot Fufler took over the secretary job from Stan Harris in 1 962.
Beryl Thomas was Treasurer
Stan Harris the first coach of St Marys Band Club Soccer continued to coach soccer
until the club moved to Water St Werrington.
This is a list of people who helped get our club up and going without these people we
would not be the club we are today
Hughie Innes Coach
Dick Fields
Sandy Thompson
Wally Barnes
Derek Hunter
Sid Honey
Ray Gittoes
Ron Smith
Noel Cherry
Jim Matena
Mary Smith
Brian King
Sue Bynon the
daughter of John & Beryl Oatley was a coach &Committee
member for many years and holds the distinction of being the first woman in the
southern hemisphere to graduate from the Soccer Coaching Academy
In 1 978 we had 3 players who made State Representative honors
Victor Shipley
Vincent Buda
Kevin Limb
List of Representative Players from Band Club for 1 979
Under 14
Paul Chester Kevin Limb
Vincent Buda Garry Page
Bradley Pride Petri habainen
Paul Fitzpatrick David Pate

Tommy Rice
Under 16
Philip Stein
Gregory De Lamotte

In 1979 we had 4 players (all from the U14/1 side) represent NSW

Vincent Buda

Paul Chester

Kevin Limb

Bradley Pride

In the same year , the Band Club 14/1swon the NDSFA League Championship (undefeated) ,Round Robin and NSW Champion of Champions.

These records were supplied by Mrs. Mavis Harris the I 979 year book
Here s a list of a few more committee members that have just remembered
Va! Mc Garry
John Mc Gamy Chairman
Sue Bynon
Tony Hackett
Cheryl Cap Publicity off
Roger Beneld `Soil sec Comp Sec Sec
Steve Henry Sec
Judy Thurston Social sec Publicity off
Rod Thurston
Sid Honey
Leonie Best
Mary Smith canteen


If anyone has any pictures or historical information about the Club,
please feel free to contact Bernadette Beresford